It’s funny how we are attached to the flavours we grew up with. The dishes our parents and other family members cooked when we were kids and are still cooking today.

Food is memory. It comforts us. It tells a story. Our story. A story we want to pass down through generations.

I’m Toufan, a Belgian artist with Persian origins. I’ve started my plant-based journey a couple of years ago after having been a vegetarian. Food wasn’t always a passion. But because I was following a plant-based diet on top of being gluten intolerant, I had no other choice than to start cooking. Straight away, I was amazed by the variety of dishes and their creativity.

To develop my passion and become a plant-based chef, I followed a training with Plant Academy London. During the course, I developed my own style, reconnected with childhood dishes, revisiting them, a way for me to share were I come from but also who I am today. I am still at the beginning of my journey but I can’t wait to share my recipes with you. I hope you’ll enjoy them!